Sunday, February 21, 2016


Empire Youth was busy on Saturday.  The girls u18s played a tournament at Santa Monica.  They lost all three games, but the games were tight and competitive. Not bad for their first games ever.  The u16s boys proved they have the potential to become a force in the u16 gold division.  They demolished Santa Monica in their first game, and lost a nail-biter to South Bay. In the consolation game, they lost a tough game to Back Bay.  With a little more experience, the u16s will win those games in the future.  The u8s, u10s, and u12s played LA Rugby and Fullerton at Colton. The u8s and u12s dominated their competition.  The u10s struggled with Fullerton, but they are definitely becoming better rugby players. A good day for Empire Rugby.

On Saturday, Empire Mens Team played an exciting game against Dead Rabbits, losing in the last minute.  Empire was big, fast and agile. But, after a quick try, they seemed to lose their focus and the forwards stopped running to the ball. The loss of focus allowed Dead Rabbits to score four tries. However, Empire came storming back in the second-half, rucking and passing to a one point lead with one minute left. But, a mysterious 22 meter drop kick instead of a 5 meter scrum caused Empire to allow a try with time expired. Despite the loss, still a good day of Empire Rugby.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


     Empire Youth Rugby: Saturday was a good day of rugby for Empire. The u16s played Hawaiian Gardens for their first game of the season (after one practice together). They lost, but came back in the second-half to tighten up the game. The u14s lost a tough game to a very experienced Hawaiian Gardens team. The u12s and u10s won all their games against Pasadena and Beaumont. The u8s did not win their games, but got a lot of playing time and experience. Below is a photo of the u16s after the Hawaiian Gardens game

Thursday, February 11, 2016


     The u14s and u16s play at Hawaiian Gardens this Saturday. The u14s play at 8 am and the u16s play at 9 am. The u14s must be at the field by 7:15 am. The u16s must be at the field by 8 am. The games will be played at Fedde Sports Complex, 21609 Elaine Avenue, Hawaiian Gardens CA 90716. Rides will be provided from Colton HS at 6 am. Space is limited. Please send a message to reserve a space 
     The u8s, u10s and u12s are playing at Pasadena this Saturday. The u10s first game is at 9:30 am and the u12s and u8s first games are at 10 am. All players must be at the field one hour before their first games. If any u8 player wants to play in a u10 game, they must be at the field one hour before the first u10 game, which means they need to be at the field by 8:30 am. The field is located at Hahamonga Watershed Park, located at 4550 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena CA 91103.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


      It was an eventful weekend.  The Mens team suffered its first loss of the season, dropping a tough match to the Ghurkas.  The u18s lost another tough match to Santa Monica Rugby at UCLA.  Due to numerous no-shows and late arrivals, the u18 went down big to Santa Monica in the first few minutes of the game.  They stabilized the situation, and closed to 21-15, but were not able to stay with a seasoned Santa Monica team.  The u14s had a frustrating day, receiving last minute notification of a change in field locations.  The change meant only 8 players showed up for the game against Beaumont.  The u12s played tough games against Fullerton and Belmont Shores.  Though they lost both games, they are definitely improving.  The u10s split their games between Fullerton and Belmont Shores.  I salute the u8s/younger u10s who played tough against a large Belmont Shores team during the first half of their u10 game.  The u8s again won their games.
     This Saturday, the u16s and the u14s are at Hawaiian Gardens.  The u8s. u10s and u12s will be at Pasadena.  Times and locations will be announced by Wednesday. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016


     We are having a problem with our Facebook Account.  Specifically, Facebook has asked us to verify the identity of the Empire Rugby-Club, but only accepts ID as if Empire Rugby-Club was an individual.  We are trying to resolve this issue.  In the meantime, we will post all current news on our blog.  Please communicate with me through email ( and texts (951) 858-5576.  Please identify yourself in your texts.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Empire Rugby: Quick recap of Saturday's games:

Mens Team won in convincing fashion 55-5 against Armada; u14s lost to Back Bay and Temecula; u12s lost tough games to Back Bay and Fullerton; u10s won hard-nosed games against Back Bay and Fullerton; and u8s lost to Back Bay and beat Fullerton. Good first weekend of rugby.  We are only going to get better!